double voiding at restaurant

Double Voiding

When it comes to pesky spritz and sprinkles (a.k.a. incontinence), some of us women feel like we need to go to the bathroom all the time – even after just having been there. This can be frustrating and sometimes embarrassing if, after leaving the bathroom, you feel the need to go right back in. Have you ever left the table at a restaurant to use the bathroom, only to realize you need to pee again after going back to the table? (And when you just want to eat the pizza while it's hot?). It’s understandable, but a little awkward. Good news: we're here to give awkward a way forward.

Welcome To “The Void”

No, we’re not talking about a SciFi movie. “The Void” is what we jokingly call “double voiding.” Doctors recommend it as a technique to help you use the bathroom less. “Voiding” is the medical term used for emptying your bladder. Doctors tend to get fancy with words like that. “Double voiding” is where you make the effort to pee, more than once, each time that you go the bathroom. Sometimes, in our rush to go about our day, we don’t give our bodies adequate time to pee and then that leads to leaks (and products for leaks). Have you ever rushed a trip to the bathroom? I know I have. We know you've got things to do and places to go. But, by double voiding, you make sure that your bladder is truly empty – and avoid a second trip to the bathroom.

Double Voiding: How To Do It

We know you know how to go to the bathroom. You’ve been doing it your whole life. But it's time to change things up if you want to try double voiding. Here's how to do it:
  • Fully sit on the toilet (no hovering), and slightly lean forward at the waist
  • Lightly place your hands on your knees. This correctly positions your bladder.
  • Urinate normally, and mentally “check-in” with your bladder, noting when it feels empty
  • Stay on the toilet, and wait about a minute. You can time yourself by singing “Happy Birthday” twice.
  • Make the effort to pee again
Instead of waiting, you can also stand up or walk around a bit, and then sit down on the porcelain throne again. Most important is not to strain or force your muscles to pee. This can cause pelvic prolapse in the long term. Note: You may want to check with your doctor that a more frequent urge to urinate isn’t a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).

A Few More Techniques

If you still find yourself making two trips to the bathroom in a short span of time, here are a few more techniques to take your double voiding to the next level:
  • Stimulate or massage your lower stomach or inner thighs while sitting on the toilet (also called Credé's maneuver)
  • Tug on your pubic hair
  • Run water. The sound of running water brings on the urge for a lot of women.
  • Tap on your bladder (continuing to tap for a few seconds after your bladder is emptied)

Be Present

The most important part of double voiding is to be mentally present when peeing. It’s easy to get distracted (hello, iPhone) or rush through things. Be sure to mentally check-in with your body and bladder, making sure it’s truly empty. Worried about getting to the toilet in time? Nexwear’s got you covered with pads and underwear for leaky laughs and dribble dilemmas, delivered straight to your door. Tell your bladder who’s boss and start your trial today.