A Guide to Enjoying the Holidays with Nexwear - Nexwear

A Guide to Enjoying the Holidays with Nexwear

Managing the Holidays with Urinary Incontinence

For most of us, the holidays are a welcome reprieve from the hustle of daily life. We get to indulge in our favorite foods, spend time with loved ones we’ve missed, and share in the joys of togetherness. 

But while we like to think of end-of-the-year celebrations as a time for rest, we also know they come with their fair share of headaches.

Between travel arrangements, social obligations, and gift-buying, we’d be lying if this time of year wasn’t a little stressful. And if you’re struggling with incontinence, the added stress can exacerbate your symptoms. Holiday pastimes that excite others can cause tension — or worse, dread.

Incontinence doesn’t have to block your holiday cheer. Navigating holiday affairs with UI just requires a bit of extra care and preparation, and Nexwear is here to help. While we can’t make it easier to pick out a gift for your brother-in-law’s cousin twice-removed, we can share some invaluable tips for managing your incontinence, wherever the holidays take you.

Buy in Bulk

Making sure you have enough supplies seems like a no-brainer. But when it comes to the hustle and bustle of holiday planning, overlooking the obvious happens all the time. Stockpile your incontinence products early. You have far more important things to focus on during the holiday season, so get your stock together and check UI-prep off your holiday to-do list. 

And if you’d like to make sure you’re prepared year-round, consider signing up for Nexwear’s subscription service. Have your products shipped to your door and spend your time on more important things.

90 Eco-travel/disposable pouches

Disposing of your used pads when you’re away from home can be an awkward affair. Nexwear’s Eco-travel Disposable Pouches are discrete and sealable for mess-free, odor-controlled disposal. When you’re finished with your product, these pouches make sure it won’t follow you around.

Save Your Energy for Better Things

When it’s time to sit down and celebrate the season with the people you love, there’s no reason to let your incontinence get in the way. If you arm yourself with the right products, you can all but guarantee the biggest worry you’ll have is saving room for your favorite dessert.

This holiday season, let Nexwear handle your incontinence. You can focus on what matters.